Quanta Services Credit Agreement

In 2001, UtiliCorp United Inc. (now Aquila, Inc.), an energy company with which PAR had been doing business since the 1950s, began taking control of Quanta. [7] UtiliCorp owned approximately 36 percent of Quanta, an investment that was initially part of a strategic alliance when UtiliCorp outsourced all of Quanta`s maintenance requirements. Quanta resisted and, in October 2001, the two sides signed a status quo agreement. A month later, Quanta adopted a “poison pill” plan to prevent the acquisition, prompting UtiliCorp to take legal action. A proxy fight took place in the spring of 2002. Quanta said that UtiliCorp, which has been through difficult times, wanted to gain control shares to consolidate quanta`s bottom line with its own balance sheet. The battle ended in May 2002, when Quanta rejected the takeover bid. [8] As of September 6, 2019, the Company held approximately $1.934 billion of outstanding bonds under the $1.265 billion credit agreement under the Term Loan Mechanism and $669 million in outstanding revolving loans. The company also had approximately $346 million in letters of credit issued under the credit agreement. The remaining $970 million of commitments available under the revolving credit facility were available for revolving loans or for the issuance of new letters of credit. Quanta Services – October 31 co, units in the second amendment to the fourth amended and amended fourth credit agreement – SEC Submission Quanta Services is a U.S.

company that provides infrastructure services for electricity, pipeline, industry and communications industry. Functions include designing, designing, installing, program management, maintenance and repair of most types of network infrastructure. In June 2009, Quanta Services was added to the S-P 500 Index and replaced Ingersoll-Rand. [2] Derrick Jensen, Chief Financial Officer of Quanta Services, commented: “This offer and the modification of our credit facility offer long-term borrowing capital at attractive interest rates, extend our debt maturities and diversify our capital structure in the investment degree credit market, which we believe is beneficial to Quanta`s long-term capital needs. We thank our lenders for their ongoing relationship with Quanta, we trust them and welcome our new bond investors. The man behind the creation of Quanta Services is former Chairman John R. Colson. [5] After graduating from the University of Missouri in Kansas City with a degree in geology, Colson joined the Army and served a year in Vietnam. He was fired from the Army in 1971 and returned to Kansas City, where he obtained a temporary job with PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc., which built high-voltage lines, distribution lines and substations and provided other infrastructure services for electrical services. To the extent that loan documents provide, through collateral or other means, support for a swap contract or other agreement or instrument, which is a QFC (for example. B “QFC Credit Support” and each of these QFCs, a “sustained CFC”), the parties recognize the settlement power of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and Title II of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (along with the rules adopted) and agree on the following. “U.S.

Special Resolution Regimes”) with respect to QFC and QFC credit assistance (applicable by the following provisions, notwithstanding, that loan documents and all supported CFQs are effectively subject to the laws of the State of New York and/or the United States or another U.S. state) – Quanta Services – amendment, including the extension of the term of 1.81 billion U.S. Senior Dollar Guaranteed Credit from 18.12.2020 to 31.10.2022 Source Code: (bit.ly/2j4pSxZ) Other corporate hedging: BofA Securities, Inc., PNC Bank, National Association and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, which acted as arrangers (as defined in the credit agreement) for the amendment, and some of the other lenders under the credit agreement and their subsidiaries have the company and its subsidiaries for the

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