Jcope Lobbying Agreement Form

Please use this pre-formatted Excel table to provide information on funding sources. PAPER spins, which must meet the spending threshold and provide information on the source of the funding, must use the pre-formatted Excel table. The original completed table must be emailed to JCOPE under [email protected]. and must contain your contact information and the name of the beneficial customer in order to avoid delays in submission. This form can be filed with a registration statement instead of a copy of a lobbying agreement or lobbying contract. These instructions provide an overview of the information required for the monthly lobbyists` report. JCOPE encourages all filters to submit an SDF via the FDS online deposit system. Individuals who file a paper return instead of an electronic filing can complete this descriptive PDF form. A spinr may request the removal of certain information from the copy of his SDF, which is made public. Editorials can be requested via the FDS online filing system or by filling out and sending this descriptive PDF form. JCOPE may, at its discretion, respond to the request if the information to be provided does not have a significant influence on the performance of the official duties of the spin-off. This form can also be used to request a waiver from the disclosure of certain information about a spouse and/or a non-emancipated child.

Again, JCOPE may make the request at its sole discretion if (1) the spouse, on his or her behalf or on behalf of an unencipant child, objects to the disclosure of this information and (2) that the information has no influence on the performance of the official duties of the filer. This termination procedure is time-limited and will likely be amended for future applications as soon as the lobbying request begins to process layoffs. Please contact the Commission`s services if you have any questions about compliance so that we can advise you on the best form of action. Lobbyists (who lobby on their own behalf) and clients who devote significant resources to lobbying within the NYS are required to make available to the public any source of funding across a certain limit for this type of lobbying. This list contains information for Filers about certain parts they exercise or intend to put pressure on the topics/subjects they intend to be or lobby at any given time. The list contains information at both national and local/local level. Revised 3/8/2019 2019 2019-2020 Client Semi-Annual PDF form for paper threads. Review 7/6/2020 NOTE: This may also require the submission of an amended agreement/approval.

If an individual lobbyist is no longer involved in the lobbying, any registration in which each lobbyist`s name appears must be terminated by the individual lobbyist. The name of the licensed individual lobbyist is immediately removed from registration after being filed in the lobbying application. However, the name of the licensed individual lobbyist will continue to appear on all previous submissions, on which his name appeared. This letter template indicates to the Commission that there has been no compensation or lobbying in the event of forfeiture. (September 2018 update) This form can be used by beneficial customers who are Paper (PDF) Filers. All beneficial customers are required to complete this PDF form or submit this statement online in the JCOPE Lobbying app. Completed PDF forms must be sent to JCOPE. Low-cost customers who must disclose source information must complete this form and email it to the pre-formed Excel Table at [email protected] Source of Funding, in order to provide the public with more information about the real entities and individuals who support lobbying campaigns in New York State. A brief, short overview of some of the key elements of the global lobbying regulations, which will come into effect on January 1, 2019.

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