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1. Sections I and V are supplemented by the parties to all agreements covered at p. 535.502; (a) the low market share agreement refers to any agreement between common shipping companies that does not contain any of the authorities covered in paragraph 535.502 (b) and for which the cumulative market share held by the parties on the basis of the cargo volume of the parties in one of the partial transactions of the agreement is: which acts within the framework of an agreement and which includes the activities covered by paragraphs 4 and 5, (a), the Act (46 U.S.C 40301(a) (c) and 40302), and this part; which is not excluded from section 16 of the Act (46 U.C 40103) or is not excluded from the submission by law was filed and did not take effect under the law, and this party is contrary to the law and this party and is subject to civil penalties under Section 13 (a) of the Act (46 U.S.C 41107). (a) agreements that preside over for minutes. 1. This section applies to agreements authorized to participate in one of the following activities: reviewing or setting any type of tariff or royalties, be they collective agreements or service contracts; Pooling or distributing cargo Discussion of revenue, loss or profit; or discuss or agree on service contract issues, including the establishment of guidelines for the voluntary contract. (j) the follow-up report or other periodic reporting obligations in this subsection should not be interpreted to allow the exchange or use of the information to be transmitted by or between the members of the agreement. (l) a neutral independent body refers to a disinterested third party who is authorized by a conference and its members to examine, investigate and investigate allegations of violations or breaches of the conference agreement and/or the rates, rules or regulations of the conference duly proclaimed by a member of the Conference. Specify the percentage of vessel use for each party for each of its scheduled services that would fall within the scope of the agreement`s geographic scope, based on the numbers and the period used in Part 1 (A) of this section, which is indicated separately for incoming and outgoing transactions in the United States, as far as this applies to the geographic scope of the agreement. For the purposes of this form, the percentage of capacity utilization of the vessel is the total volume of the regular loading of a portion for each of its regular services that would be covered by the agreement, on each vessel space counted in Part 1 (A) of this section, divided by its total capacity of the vessel, defined and derived in Part 1 (A) of this section, the quotient being multiplied by 100. b) marine terminal operator agreements.

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