The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz Deutsch

Don Miguel Ruiz is a nagual of the Eagle Knigh line who shares the teaching of the original truth with us in his book “The four agreements – the four promises “. A way of life that allows us to acquire happiness, freedom, sovereignty and love in our lives. International and German-speaking authors offer not only practical life advice, but also spiritual wisdoms that can be easily applied in everyday life. The extraordinary stories of books inform, slow down, inspire and touch through a fresh look and surprising perspectives. In addition to books and e-books, the program also offers DVDs, audiobooks and maps for daily well-being. This time it is four agreements, four powerful decisions that, in the life of every human being, can lead to greater freedom and self-determination. Among these four internal agreements, the Mexican Tolteke Don Miguel Ruiz writes in his libretto “The four agreements” (in German: The Four Promises). It`s about how to get rid of belief structures and unfavorable self-promises. Ruiz presents a method that allows us to evolve towards integrity, self-love and self-realization.

In the worldview of the Toltecs, there is the idea of a collective dream that our ancestors have already dreamed of and in which we are born. Our parents and later teachers, friends, etc. try to make us stay in this dream – Ruiz calls it the domestication of man. But we must not remain in this dream of morality and beliefs that we do not consciously choose, but we can embark on a path to transcend that dream. The best way to use these tools break old agreements and clothes: Ruiz has written other books, including the book Completed in Love, available in German. He speaks English as Spanish and gives lectures, seminars and “Powerjourneys” to “holy” places on earth, especially in Teotihuacon. He currently lives and works in Las Vegas. After a heart attack, he entrusted the teaching to his son Don José Luis Ruiz. The Ex Libris Reader app is available for iOS and Android. For more information about our apps, click here. To be Tolteke is to live one`s own truth, wild and wise.

To become Tolteke, there are three possibilities: the mastery of consciousness, the mastery of transformation and the mastery of intention/love. It is a very persuasive and compelling guide on how to manage conflict and go through life without worrying.

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