Uw Madison Transfer Agreement

Below, you`ll find the UW System Guaranteed Transfer Admission Procedures for das akademische Jahr 2019-2020: StudentVerfahren:1. Read the information on the UW System Guaranteed Transfer Site2. Download the “Letter of Intent to Participate” form 3. Fill out the PDF form and print it out. Send the form to a branch solution center The College makes it easy to search for transfer options and identify the right university or university for students in order to earn their license. Students are encouraged to contact their receiving university as soon as possible for more information on the Guaranteed Transfer Admissions Program to begin planning the transfer. Madison College and UW Madison have created two unique transfer opportunities for Madison College students as well as a reverse transfer option. 9. Close the normal application for admission to the UW-Madison on the schedule set for the scheduled entry time at UW-Madison and stop it. Students must indicate in their personal statement that they are applying as part of the transfer contract.

For more information on the transfer contract guaranteed by UW-Madison, please contact the consulting office to make an appointment with a free arts advisor. In addition to the requirement to meet with a MATC advisor, students should consult with a UW-Madison transfer advisor to obtain information on the requirements of their degree and core subject at UW-Madison and to prepare for a successful transfer experience. 1. Sign up as a newcomer to the University of the Liberal Arts – Associate Of Science Transfer at CVTC. UW-Madison defines a newcomer to the university as a student who has earned less than 24 transferable credits. Please note that the process is different for students considering switching to UW-Madison. 5. Earn a 3.2 GPA in the course work transfer program, as determined by the UW-Madison calculation. The AMP for transmission is calculated in accordance with UW-Madison`s ranking practices (all scores for repeated courses are included in the calculation). Transfer contract students must meet the same criteria for admission to certain programs and programs as continuing education students. Some majors require a higher level of academic achievement than is required for university admission. (See Important Notes.) All MATC students who are interested in or without a contract to switch to UW-Madison must meet each semester with a MATC transfer advisor.

We strongly advise you to meet with your advisor at your current university or university regarding your interest or participation in one of our transfer contracts. For more information on the transfer, visit the University of Wisconsin System transfer site. This site is a useful tool for students at all times in the planning of transfers. For students who have registered at UW-Stevens Point in Wausau in the fall of 2020 or later and are considering switching to UW-Madison, read the transfer conditions here. If you have any questions about the guaranteed transfer program at UW-Madison, please contact your academic advisor.

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